Episode #45 – General Store vs Niche Store for High Ticket Dropshipping: What’s the Right Option?

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Having been able to compare niche vs general dropshipping stores for several years now, Mike and I have some real opinions on what’s the right way to go and when. If you’re new to building an online business, it’s pretty clear that going with a general store is the right way for high ticket dropshipping. Why? Because you can contact a mass amount of suppliers without looking silly.

If you niche down to hard, you’re going to pigeon hole yourself and you may run out of runway when you’re trying to reach out to get good suppliers. But there are some advantages to niche down sites such as becoming an authority in a space. It’s a more advanced tactic, but in this episode, we talk about how you can have the best of both worlds.

Listen or watch the episode below:

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