Passive Publishing Profits

Our Formula to Earn 5-Figures Per Month While Only Working 4 Hours

Kindle Publishing is One of EASIEST,MOST PASSIVE and HIGHEST EARNING Online Business Models

You're looking at a screenshot of our bank account with over $26,000 in royalties being deposited from all of the Amazon Kindle Publishing book marketplaces.

amazon kindle deposits bank account

Our legit bank account where Kindle funds get deposited.

Here's another screenshot of our dashboard showing our earnings of $46,681.38 in the past 90 days along with the 9,000,000+ page reads that we've gotten on our books.

page reads screenshot

Our Dashboard via BookReport
For full transparency, the actual page-read payouts can vary a few percentage points.

The funny thing is, the month that we earned those royalties, we probably worked a total of 4 hours - split between the two of us.

It's because we're getting our books to consistently rank in or near the Kindle top 100

best selling

One of our books ranking 58 in the ENTIRE KINDLE STORE.

If someone had told me this was possible just a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed them.

I remember when I was at my full time job, sitting in my cubicle...

Desperate for something that I could do to get me OUT.

I was making decent money with my food science degree, but I couldn't imagine punching the clock for another 40 years. 

If you account for what my salary was divided out per hour, I was making around $26/hour.

Now with Kindle Publishing alone, I'm making around $3,000/HOUR.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make it out of the rat race quickly while others seem to be trying and failing for years?

We're going to tell you...

bao book cover

This is a fiction book with a DRAGON on the cover.

Books like this may seem a little bizarre, but have a huge ravenous fan-base ready to buy and read GOOD QUALITY fiction over and over again.

We've made hundreds of thousands of dollars off books just like this one.

Most People Aren't Ready for a Complex and Costly Online Business

Are you sick and tired trying to build a COMPLICATED and COSTLY online business when you already have limited time and resources?


Do you find it too overwhelming to have to do things like... 

  • Order inventory from China and deal with managing the logistics
  • Build a complicated website
  • Get a website to rank in Google
  • Build a customer service team
  • Set up complicated and confusing sales funnels

With Passive Publishing Profits, you don't have to....

They Become a SLAVE to a Business Model that Doesn't Work for THEM

With the average full time job holder working almost 9 hours a day, not including commuting, it's not surprising that most people don't have the time, energy or focus to actually get a complex online business off of the ground.


Even worse, if you're trying to divide your time between work, family, friends, hobbies and building a business, odds are that you're massively under-performing in at least one of these areas.

If your business ends up taking up all your time you’ve become a SLAVE to that business when it should be the other way around.

Your business should give you time to do the things you WANT to do.

You need a business that's PASSIVE  BY DESIGN.

Why You Can Trust Us

We're Joe and Mike Brusca from the Build Assets Online Podcast & Youtube show.


We have a collective online business experience of over 10 years.

Since 2015, we've created multiple million dollar e-commerce stores and  multiple successful blog sites all while launching best-selling fiction books and collecting royalties on autopilot.

Here are just a FEW examples of other online businesses we've created....

one dropshipping store 2.9 million

High Ticket Dropshipping Store 2.9M in Lifetime Sales

one dropshipping store 4.7 million

High Ticket Dropshipping Store 4.7M in Lifetime Sales

amazon affiliate dashboard

30 Days Amazon Affiliate Dashboard for Blog Sites

1000 per month showing ads from a single blog site

November to April for Mediavine Dashboard for One Blog Site

We've also sold multiple businesses for 6-figure  exits via private sales or public broker services like Empire Flippers.

empire flippres screenshot redo
empire flippers screenshot 2

Our Website Sale Deals Done via Empireflippers

On top of that, very few people in the world that have an online business portfolio as DIVERSE as ours and actually understand the big picture.

We're NOT those people that figure out a quick way to make a buck and then proceed to sell outdated information.

We've used the strategies in Passive Publishing Profits for YEARS and tested it against other business models before we decided it was worth going public with.

And for the record, you won't see us renting out fake mansions, driving lambos or doing any of the NONSENSE that you've probably come across.

When it comes to online business, we ACTUALLY do the stuff that we teach.

The Passive Publishing Profits System CHANGES EVERYTHING

When you get Passive Publishing Profits, you'll get immediate access to our 3-phase approach to creating and marketing best-selling Kindle books.

This business model is so straight forward, that you can literally start taking action TODAY. 

Assuming you take action immediately, you can earn your FIRST DOLLAR in 2-weeks or even faster if you're able to write books yourself.

Our process is NOT get rich quick scheme, but a gradual process to create a full-time income and build a real sustainable fiction loving fan-base.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, and you can create your first book for as CHEAP as $200 or for FREE if you want to be the author of your own books.

It’s the same strategies we’ve used to get best-selling author status and get THESE types of reactions from our fellow publishers:

testimonial 1

We're Sharing Our System With YOU

Up until now, we've used these publishing strategies exclusively in our own business.

We like to test business models FOR YEARS ON END before we go ahead and share it with the public. 

burning a top secret paper document

But now YOU can get FULL ACCESS to everything that we do and build your own passive publishing empire.

It's Not Hard...

We've already showed you earlier on this page how we got a deposit for 26,000+ from ONE MONTH in royalties directly from Amazon. 

If you execute on the materials inside Passive Publishing Profits all you need is to get it 10% right in order to make your first $2,500 online.

excited from first sale

But EVEN if you get it 1% or 2% right, you'll have already paid for the entire cost of this course. 

The alternative is going it at on your own and wasting countless hours and dollars trying to figure it out.

What Others Have Been Saying....

rachel kdp

This May Be Your ONLY Last Chance...

We WILL be increasing the price of this course.

last chance

If you're reading this, you're getting FIRST access to Passive Publishing Profits at the STARTER PRICE

If you come back tomorrow, there's a chance that the price could double or that the course could be closed entirely.

We’re working to create a close-knit publishing community so we can all learn and win together.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to create fun fiction books and make a ton of profit in less time than you ever thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: This seems like a ‘lazy man’s way to riches’ kind of deal. It seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

ANSWER: Like any other business, the catch is that you need to put in upfront research and work to get the system running like the one we've built. It also takes a bit of time as you build up your back catalog of books. We believe our system is the FASTEST way to reach the types of passive royalty income that we are getting.

QUESTION: Do I need a content website to promote my books? 

ANSWER: No, you do not NEED a website for this business model. However, we show you how to make an author website (easy and cheap) so that you can add a bit of extra polish to your business if you want.

QUESTION: What are the costs associated with this business?

ANSWER: If you want to hire your own writers/editor, you'll end up paying around $350-$800 per book depending on book length. Your first book can be as cheap as $200 or you can write it yourself for free. Tools such as an autoresponder and some book promotion tools can cost together between $20-$80 per month. You can reinvest some profits into Facebook ads when you're more advanced. 

QUESTION: Are you offering refunds on this course? 

ANSWER: We've decided to make this course non-refundable. We fully believe in the product that we put out. We've decided that allowing people to get information from our courses and then getting a refund is EXTREMELY unfair to our paying students.

Given that we've put YEARS OF OUR LIVES into Kindle Publishing and poured our knowledge into this course, we believe that we are asking an extremely small price. That's why we've decided to make this course non-refundable.

QUESTION: Is there e-mail support on this course?

ANSWER: No, and that's because we strongly believe that course has everything you need to be successful. Because we're selling this course at such a low price, we believe it is enough of a bargain already.

In order to get direct-support from us, we've created the Elite Fleet Membership where our members can get a private 1-on-1 discord channel with us. 

Students who enroll in Passive Publishing Profits can get access to this membership for a discounted price.

Lesson Plan

Click the image below if you want to zoom in to the lesson plan.

kindle phase 1
kindle phase 2 3