Fake Dropshipping Gurus: How to Spot Them and What to Avoid

How to Spot Fake Dropshipping Gurus

These days, we’re all inundated with success stories. Everywhere you look, there’s another inspiring story about someone who became a millionaire doing some simple or obscure thing. This wouldn’t be an issue so much, if many of these people weren’t trying to sell you something. Look closely at many of these self-proclaimed success stories. You’ll … Read more

Dropshipping Do’s and Don’ts to Reach $2,342,061.36 for a Single Store

Dropshipping Do's and Don'ts

High-ticket dropshipping can be a pretty straightforward business. This is a business model that I have years of experience with, and I’d like to think that I’m at least well on my way to mastering it. That’s why I’m going to share some dropshipping do’s and don’ts that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully, this … Read more

Is the 4-Hour Work Week Still Relevant or Possible?

Is the 4-Hour Work Week Still Possible or Relevant?

Most of us have been there: clocking in for that 9-to-5 shift. It gets a little exhausting and boring after a while, to say the least. You start wishing you had more time to relax and be with your family. One of the reasons you’re probably here right now is because you’re tired of working … Read more

Is Dropshipping on eBay Worth It? Read This Horror Story

eBay Dropshipping Horror Story

Is dropshipping on ebay worth it? Today, I’m going to share with you an eBay Dropshipping Horror Story that happened to someone I actually know: my cousin. My goal in telling you this is to highlight how it’s a horrible business model for beginners. I want to use this story to keep you from making … Read more

Dropshipping Return Policy: Here’s What to Do

High Ticket Dropshipping Return Policy

So things have been going well in your dropshipping business…and out of nowhere, you get an email from a customer asking to return something they ordered from you. One of your first instincts might be to panic a little bit. The potential for bad reviews might be flashing through your head, or you might be … Read more

Dropshipping vs Retail Arbitrage – Which One To Do First

Retail Arbitrage vs Dropshipping

There are many ways to you can make money online. High-ticket dropshipping and retail arbitrage are two methods that we have personally tried. And one thing we see a few people asking is, which one is better for beginners? Which one should you do first? To answer that question, we’ve written this guide and done … Read more

Dropshipping Profit Margin: What We Make on a $10K Sale (High Ticket)

High Ticket Dropshipping Profit Margins

Profit margin is a phrase you’ll hear a lot in many kinds of businesses. Many people will tell you that the best businesses have the biggest profit margins. But is this true? And what are the high-ticket dropshipping profit margins? We’ll answer both those questions for you in today’s post. As a bonus, we’ll be … Read more

High Ticket Dropshipping Niche Lists Are USELESS (Do This Instead)

Ignore High Ticket Dropshipping Niche Lists

Getting into dropshipping and picking a niche can be incredibly overwhelming at first, especially if it’s your first online business. When you’re just getting started, you might catch yourself looking at niche lists online and copying them for your own stores. We’re going to save you a lot of trouble with this advice: don’t do … Read more

High-Ticket Dropshipping vs Low-Ticket (What We Use for 7-Figure Stores)

Are you struggling to turn an online dropshipping site into a profitable venture? Have you been pouring money into ads that don’t seem to do anything to your conversion rate? You might be surprised to find out that it could be what items you’re dropshipping. In this guide, we’ll explain to you the differences between … Read more

Influencer Marketing for Shopify Dropshipping Doesn’t Work (Do This Instead)

3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing for Shopify Dropshipping SUCKS

When you think of the top marketing strategies, one of the first things you think of is probably endorsements from influencers or celebrities. Influencer marketing is especially popular with dropshipping sites. At a glance, you might be thinking, “what’s not to love?” By using an influencer, you’re tapping into their follower base that could be … Read more