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What We Teach

  • The best business models to start making money online
  • How to avoid common mistakes that leave beginners broke
  • Which tools are essential and which ones are a rip off
  • Why serving your customers & readers makes the most profits
  • Why you should be working less to make more
  • Ways to reinvest your online profits to grow exponentially

Who We Are

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Joe and Mike are brothers who have been working together online since 2014. Since then, they've succeeded at multiple different business models including Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, and E-commerce websites. They own a sellable online portfolio which consists of over 10 different businesses. They're still expanding their current holdings along with buying and selling new businesses online.

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Some Of Our Favorite Owned Assets

shopify store with over 1.3M in revenue after 1 year

Shopify store earning $1,357,056 in less than a year's time. It's still kicking and making us consistent 5-figure profits every month

kindle publishing earning 6065 in a week

Kindle Publishing business earning $6,065.48 in a month. It's still growing and on the way to regular 5-figure monthly royalty profits

seo asset generating 1250155 visits

SEO-Driven niche site getting 150,000 - 200,000 visits per month on pace to be worth $100,000+

Another Shopify Store sold for over 130000 after earning profit consistently for 2-years.

Another Shopify Store sold for over $130,000 after earning profit consistently for 16 months

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