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We have a collective online business experience of over 10 years. Since 2015, we've created multiple million dollar e-commerce stores and multiple successful blogsites all while launching best-selling fiction books and collecting royalties on autopilot.

And We've Taught Hundreds of Students Just Like Yourself!

The Best Online Business Education You Could Invest In. Period.

Exclusive Package Worth Over $20,000 

  • Full Access to Instant E-Commerce Asset ($2,999 Value)
  • Full Access to Passive Publishing Profits ($1,999 Value)
  • Full Access to BAO Advanced Blog Blastoff ($1,999 Value)
  •  Your OWN PRIVATE CHANNEL with Mike and Joe to get One-on-One Support ($4,800 Value)
  • Access to our private member's only Discord server to mastermind with other successful members ($1,164 Value)
  • Exclusive access to voice chat office hours where we'll discuss what's CURRENTLY working in our business and answer your questions on a live call. ($3,600 Value)
  • Exclusive Access to Elite Fleet Only Courses Presentations and Interviews ($2,999 Value)
  • Network with other members of the community who are SERIOUS about building their online portfolio. ($600 value)

Our Dropshipping Course: Instant E-Commerce Asset

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  • Over 50+ Detailed Videos with 9+ Hours of Exclusive Content showing you EXACTLY How to Succeed with Dropshipping
  • Zero Spammy or BS Tactics. No Aliexpress. No Facebook Ads.
  • Potential to Profit in As Little as 2 Weeks and Cash Out Later for 6+ Figures.
  • Expert Guidance from Real Store Owners Who Have Done It Over and Over Again.
  • We Build Long-Term Sustainable E-Commerce Assets. Not Flash in the Pan "Direct From China" Stores.
  • The Best Business Model We've Found to Escape the 9-5 Grind Quickly With Very Little Investment.

Sales Screenshots Can Be Misleading - Here Are Some of the Dropshipping Assets We've SOLD....

Another Shopify Store sold for over 130000 after earning profit consistently for 2-years.

The first dropshipping store that we sold for $133,000 on Empire Flippers.
We may have sold it prematurely, but we don't regret it.

It gave us the experience and confidence it gave us to move forward and think bigger.

empire flippers screenshot 2

The first drop shipping store that we ever made.
It was making us virtually passive income since 2016.

But we decided that it was time to cash out and put the money towards different things.

off market dropshipping sale

Off market deal where we cashed out $108,000 after adjustments of the $142,000

Our Kindle Publishing Course: Passive Publishing Profits

bao book cover
  • Learn How We Get Huge Royalty Payments of Over $26,000 for ONE MONTH from Amazon KDP selling books just like the one shown here.
  • The Most Passive Business Model We've Ever Done. Each of Us Work Around 2 Hours Per Month on Kindle Publishing. 
  • Return On Our Time is Over $3,000 Per Hour - Something That You Simply Won't Beat at an Office Job.
  • Build a huge ravenous fan-base ready to buy and read good quality fiction OVER and OVER again.
  • The most passive online business model that we've ever done.

Here Are Some of The Results We're Getting With Kindle Publishing....

amazon kindle deposits bank account

You're looking at a screenshot of our bank account with over $26,000 in royalties being deposited
from all of the Amazon Kindle Publishing book marketplaces.

page reads screenshot

Here's another screenshot of our dashboard showing our earnings of $46,681.38 in the
past 90 days along with the 9,000,000+ page reads that we've gotten on our books.

best selling

One of our books ranking 58 in the ENTIRE AMAZON KINDLE STORE.

Our Blogging Course: BAO Blog Blastoff Advanced

traffic proof
  • How to Build Passive Income Blog Sites That Make Money on Autopilot Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • How We Use SEO to Bring in Over $10,000 in EXTRA PROFIT per month to our portfolio.
  • Learn Advanced SEO Tactics that You Can Use for ANY BUSINESS MODEL Including Kindle Publishing and Dropshipping.
  • How to Set Up Everything in WordPress from Scratch Even If You've Never Done It Before.
  • How You Can Make Your First $2000 Per Month Site WITHOUT Building Any BACKLINKS!
  • Build Sites You Can Cash out 30-40X Month Profit On!
  • Maximize the Value of Your Other Assets By Creating Diverse Traffic Sources
clickbank earnings

Passive Income from ClickBank on ONE of Our Super Small Sites


Amazon Affiliate Income Earnings From One Month - Not Even Our Best One!

mediavine earnings one site

Mediavine Earnings (Display Ads) from ONE Site Over 30 Days


Skimlinks Affiliate earnings for ONE Month.

Extra $133,868 in FREE sales from Organic Traffic to Store from May-Sept
Most Likely underestimated as it works in sync with Ads/Retargeting and adds massive value to site.

Extra $36,011 in FREE sales from referral traffic from May to Sept referral blog traffic. 
Most Likely underestimated as it works in sync with Ads/Retargeting and adds massive value to site.

Real Testimonials & Student Interviews

Unlike others who provide questionable "testimonials" our students gladly come on our show to discuss their success stories along with their struggles.

Money Back Guarantee

We back up this course with a 30-day money back guarantee because we're confident that our methods work.

However, we are looking for serious students who actually want to do the work. We are giving our exact secrets for building highly lucrative online assets, and don’t have room for tire kickers.

To qualify for a full refund, you must simply prove that you’ve attempted to make your website following our instructions within 30 days. See full refund policy for details.




Lifetime Course + Lifetime Discord Access + 24x Coaching Calls

  • LIFETIME ACCESS Access to Our Private Membership Group (The Elite Fleet Discord).
  • 1-on-1 Chat Access to Mike & Joe Inside the Elite Fleet.
  • (24) x 1 hour coaching calls you can use whenever you want.
  • We'll answer any questions you have about: niche selection, getting reputable suppliers, website design and setup, ad campaigns or anything else that might come up.
  • Inside you'll find everything you need to start a profitable e-commerce asset.
  • LIFETIME Access to the all our courses + future updates.
  • The way that we pick profitable niches.
  • Over the shoulder tutorials for building out your website. No technical expertise required.
  • How to find suppliers and easily build relationships and partnerships.
  • How to start and run your ads even if you know nothing. We take you from beginner to an advanced look inside our ad accounts.

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