Dropshipping Failure Story: Michael Lost $8,000

Dropshipping Horror Story

Success isn’t always straightforward. Even the best of us make mistakes. Some of us start off in unprofitable business models that have us losing money or just barely breaking even. Others pour money into advertising campaigns that effectively go nowhere. Still others give up before they can even really begin, overwhelmed by the uncertainty. We’re … Read more

Done for You Dropshipping Store: Is it a Scam?

Dropshipping Done For You

It can be intimidating to start your own business. There a lot of steps to take, and tons of research to be done. If you’re completely new to the concept, it’s only too easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. When you think about it that way, you can see the appeal in a done-for-you business … Read more

Outsourcing Dropshipping Stores: Don’t Make These Mistakes

How to Outsource Dropshipping Stores

You might think that you can do it all in your business, but the hard truth is that you can’t. As your business scales up and grows, continuing to do literally everything is a waste of the resource that you are. To maintain sustainable growth, you’ll need to start outsourcing. It’s critical to the scaling … Read more

Dropshipping Mentor: Do You Need One for E-Commerce Success?

Do You Need a Dropshipping Mentor?

Getting into anything new can be scary. This is especially true if it’s something that impacts your income. When you’re looking at a new profession or you’re considering starting your own business, you might feel completely lost. That’s why many people assume they absolutely need a mentor. Like a shepherd, you might be thinking that … Read more

Fake Dropshipping Gurus: How to Spot Them and What to Avoid

How to Spot Fake Dropshipping Gurus

These days, we’re all inundated with success stories. Everywhere you look, there’s another inspiring story about someone who became a millionaire doing some simple or obscure thing. This wouldn’t be an issue so much, if many of these people weren’t trying to sell you something. Look closely at many of these self-proclaimed success stories. You’ll … Read more

Job vs Online Business: Which is Better?

High Paying Job vs Owning an Online Business

From kindergarten to college, most of us are told that our objective in life should be to get a high-paying job. Our whole focus throughout years of education is to get that career that puts you on a fast-track to success. What that means can vary. Some people see “high-paying” as five figures yearly, some … Read more

Dropshipping Do’s and Don’ts to Reach $2,342,061.36 for a Single Store

Dropshipping Do's and Don'ts

High-ticket dropshipping can be a pretty straightforward business. This is a business model that I have years of experience with, and I’d like to think that I’m at least well on my way to mastering it. That’s why I’m going to share some dropshipping do’s and don’ts that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully, this … Read more

Is the 4-Hour Work Week Still Relevant or Possible?

Is the 4-Hour Work Week Still Possible or Relevant?

Most of us have been there: clocking in for that 9-to-5 shift. It gets a little exhausting and boring after a while, to say the least. You start wishing you had more time to relax and be with your family. One of the reasons you’re probably here right now is because you’re tired of working … Read more